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Welcome To Iqratutoring.com !

Are you looking to learn online from the comfort of your own home? Iqratutoring is an online educational institute providing Urdu Tutoring, Arabic and Mathematics tuition to students online. Our qualified teachers have created simple and effective methods to meet targets of all students, so whether some of you would like to learn Math, Urdu and Arabic for education reasons or simply curiosity of learning, IqraTutoring  is the right place for you. We will support you and follow your progress in every step of way making sure that your learning experience with us will be beneficial and meet expectations.

What Makes IqraTutoring.com Different?

IqraTutoring.com is not just an Urdu website, rather itís an online Urdu school that offers online courses to help the students in Urdu listening, reading, writing and speaking. Features that make us different from the competitors are as under:

  • All the Urdu tutors are qualified and have substantial experience in the field of online Urdu tutoring
  • Good internet connection
  • Every student has a single teacher dedicated to him/her
  • Students can set the schedule of the classes according to their convenience
  • Students of different age groups are taught with same dedication and commitment
  • Comprehensive lesson planning
  • Technical staff present 24/7 for smooth communication
  • Extremely affordable price

Learn Urdu wherever you want & when you want.

IqraTutoring.com is the easy & effective way for anyone to enjoy interactive online Urdu language lessons with some of the best native speaking Urdu teachers from around the world.

Ultimate Flexibility: Select the Urdu plan & learn at the time and days that fit your lifestyle. Iqratutoring makes online Urdu language tuition accessible to everyone. More...

Online Urdu Tutoring School
It is difficult for people of different parts of the world to be enrolled in a University to start Urdu learning. Iqratutoring realized this problem and founded one of the best online Urdu tutoring schools that offers live Urdu classes, where the students can join an online Urdu course and start learning this language

Convenient Online Urdu Classes

Joining live Urdu speaking classes is equally beneficial for people of all age groups, kids and adults alike. The experienced and qualified Urdu tutors teach it in the most easiest and interactive way possible. To benefit from our online Urdu classes, all you need to have is the followings:

  • A laptop or a computer
  • A good internet connection
  • A software application for communicating live and viewing the lessons
  • The gadgets of two way communication like, headphones and microphone

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          Tutoring Features


     - Homework Help and Test
     - 1 to 1 online classes, 24/7
     - Detailed Assessment Tests
     - Easy-to-follow methodology
     - On demand class timings
     - Qualified and trained tutors
     - An interactive way to learn


          Our Mission


* Influence learning atmosphere

* To equip students for future

* To create memorable benefits

* To offer you all that we have

* Prepare you for success in life

* Touch a child's heart & you will be remembered, touch a child's mind and you will be venerated


         Why Select us


With parents busy schedules of and fast life, parents are unable to cope with their kids homework & focus on particular core subject. Our programs are designed for convenient and effective tutoring to suit every student. While motivating the students for success, our tutors express words of appreciation for laurels won and achievements attained.



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