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Interactive online Urdu language tuition. Connect with native speaking online Urdu tutors around the world. We aim to provide the children and the adults with the state of the art services for Urdu learning. Our students are individuals belonging to different age groups who want to learn Urdu for academic, business, or communication purposes.

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With us there is no need to commit to an expensive course or travel there and back (costing you time and money). You can simply enjoy all the comforts of your home and learn the language you love. Each Urdu lesson is individually tailored to your goals and ability making Urdu-Online an online solution that's personal to you.

Learn online in partnership with a real person who will give you all support, tuition and motivation you need to achieve your goals. With FREE sample trial sessions to tryout our online service, you have nothing to lose - so Register Now!

Urdu being the seventh most spoken language all over the world is unique because of its hybrid culture. It evolved from Turkish and Hindi, has its ancestors in Persian and Arabic. . As such, it has some characteristics of European languages which may be familiar to native English speakers, or those who have studied a European language. Combined with the different writing system, learning Urdu makes for an interesting challenge. And unlike the major European languages, or the other major languages of Asia, there are relatively few resources to learn Urdu. It is the national language of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Real people and real conversation. Learn Urdu in partnership with a personal Urdu tutor who'll give you all the support you need...

Flexible, effective. You can pick Urdu tutor from anywhere in the world. Choose according to price, profile, lesson times & more...


Why Study Urdu Online With Us ?

A guaranteed fun way for the kids to learn Urdu. Our tutors are trained in all the psychological aspects of teaching the kids in the best possible manner. A place for the Urdu enthusiasts to register themselves for the advance learning sessions. Learn how to read and write Urdu to explore the world of Urdu literature.
    Real conversation. The most effective and fun way to learn Urdu & build your confidence.
    Free evaluation sessions. Try before you buy with a free online Urdu class to assess your ability.
    Tailor made lessons. Real-time online Urdu lessons, customized to meet your individual needs.
    Flexible timetable. Pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle from your tutor's online diary.
    One to one Urdu tuition. Achieve your goals quickly with all the support, & motivation you need.


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Our tutors are highly qualified professionals having degrees in Urdu language or literature, having extensive experience of teaching Urdu. We make sure that each of our tutors knows about different psychological aspects of teaching. Moreover, Extend Knowledge provides training in Online Urdu Teaching to all of its tutors. Additionally, online courses can be taken without having to leave one's job, studies or family, making it easy for students to pursue Urdu language studies from the comfort of their own home.

We have the world's best possible Urdu tutors on-board. Before hiring, we make sure that our tutors are:

      * Adequately qualified
      * Extensively experienced
      * Familiar with online teaching
      * Able to handle students of different nationalities & cultures

Urdu Courses:

  • Urdu Learning for kids
  • Advance Urdu learning
  • Urdu Vocabulary and dictionary
  • Urdu Verbs and Phrases



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